Akhtar Khan

Akhtar Khan Property Coaching & Mentoring

Since he developed a passion for property at only 18 years old it took Akhtar 10 years to buy his first investment property. The first question people ask is “Why did it take you so long?”

After leaving school with no qualifications and a turbulent few years there was a turning point when he took a firm grip of his future. He began training as an NLP coach and purchased another couple of properties then in 2010 he suffered a personal tragedy. This spurred him on his own personal journey and by the end of 2011 he had set up 2 letting agents, completed on just over £4 million worth of property and had more property deals in the pipeline.

He has now become financially free which gives him the time to do what he is absolutely passionate about, that is to coach and mentor other people to achieve financial freedom and have what they want out of life! He is also the host of the London Property Meet and is still growing his own portfolio.

His story is living proof that ordinary people can achieve their goals with the right marketing, model, and mindset.

Akhtar was our guest speaker at PEN Kent in February 2013 where he taught us:

  • how he is using ‘outside of the box’ marketing techniques to generate property deals
  • how he has managed to systemise his business to drastically increase efficiency
  • his techniques for converting motivated sellers into ethical property deals
  • why 2013 is going to be a fantastic year for property investors who are prepared

 To make contact with Akhtar please visit:



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