Gill Fielding

Gill Fielding is not only a wife and mum, she is also a self made multi millionaire with huge credibility in the financial world. Gill is an FSA regulated Chartered Accountant and has held several high profile positions including being a director on the board of an ethical trust and an advisor to the Inland Revenue on tax free savings. Gill is also in demand as a financial spokesperson regularly appearing on the BBC, ITV and Sky TV and in just about every national newspaper and financial magazine.

Gill was born into a poor family from the East end of London. Despite humble beginnings Gill realised that she was ‘financially free’ in 1997. Since then she has worked to share her knowledge with others by facilitating wealth creation through her writings and personal appearances.

Gill’s media CV is extensive and she has been a ‘Secret Millionaire’ on Channel 4, a business expert on The Apprentice – You’re Fired show, and a financial commentator for the BBC, ITV and CNBC. She appears regularly on a variety of other TV shows around the world. Gill is currently a financial expert for the BBC and hosts a monthly phone in for BBC radio, and has historically contributed to ITN and Channel 4’s TV election coverage.

Gill is a prolific public speaker and has spoken on all 5 continents on macro economic affairs, wealth creation, financial education, investing skills as well as on more personal motivational and inspirational topics.

Gill’s life mission is ‘to light the spark of financial possibility for as many people as she can’ and Gill considers herself to be incredibly fortunate, firstly to know what her life mission is, but secondly to be able to live a life on mission every single day.

Gill is absolutely certain that wealth can be achieved by anybody – because she has done it!

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