Mark Dalton

A profilic property investor, business owner and entrepreneur.

Mark has been a massive source of information, education and support during my personal journey (Rick Walton) into the world of property investment. Mark is passionate about empowering others to help them fulfil their goals and dreams by tapping into the many possible ways to generate income streams in todays economic market.

Mark started life as a simple market trader and after working 17 hour days for longer than he cares to remember.

Mark spoke at our launch meeting in January 2011 and he came to share his story on how his underlying success principles have helped him succeed as a property investor, professional speaker and creative entrepreneur.

Mark is a master of finding a creative solution to a property investment deal and often presents for Rich Dad Education, Martin Roberts  (From BBC’s Homes Under The Hammer) & Tigrent Learning UK on their Creative Finance training courses with Lindsay Hopkins.

Mark & Lindsay also run their own 1-day workshops to solve your Creative Finance challenges and give you current strategies that work in today’s market.

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