Mark I’Anson

Mark has been in the property market for over 8 years, trading in Spain, Cyprus, South Africa and the UK.  In Spain 202 properties traded and sold, Cyprus 212, South Africa 84 and in the UK over 350 properties traded.

After an early career in the Armed Forces, Mark started a second career in corporate sales with household names like NTL (now Virgin) before discovering property over 8 years ago. Although successful careers give a good standard of living, they don’t set you financially free.

He has two arms to the business, trading property and teaching others how to make their own property millions using different strategies of sourcing, buying, keeping and trading.

Mark has spoken at various events, such as Simon Zutshi’s PIN Meetings, the Property Investor Show (Excel), The Property Super Conference – Wembley, The London Property Meet, Vanish Patel’s Millionaire Club, Marsha Wright’s Business Acceleration Bootcamp and the Bucks and Warwickshire Property Meets.

Enthusiastic, inspiring and always available to help others achieve their financial goals.

Making money with people rather than from them.


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