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Vicki Wusche – The Property Mermaid

Vicki Wusche is a vibrant engaging entrepreneur who speaks from her heart about her amazing journey from single mother on limited income, to property entrepreneur and business owner; who is now financially free through property.  Vicki boldly and passionately recognised the opportunities which crossed her path, found her focus and then grabbed the opportunity with both hands. This enabled her to achieve financial freedom in just under 20 months from early 2009 to mid 2010!

In 2010, while building her portfolio, Vicki also published her first book called Using Other People’s Money – How to Invest in Property (which is currently sold out and awaiting publication of the new second edition). In February 2012 her second book Make More Money From Property; from investor thinking to a business mind-set, was published and launched at a brilliant event in Paddington where professionals from across the entrepreneur network were present to hear Vicki speak.

Vicki has spoken in front of thousands of people including entrepreneurs, young people, business owners, investors and employees.  Vicki inspires her audiences to understand that “it” is possible. She engages with her audience not just as a speaker at the front of the room, but as a woman who has overcome her own financial hardship and speaks from experience.

In 2012 Vicki spoke for the first time at the London Business Show in Excel, sharing her story with a packed room, a large crowd stayed for a further hour speaking with her outside the seminar room. Vicki is also honoured to have been awarded acknowledgement for her writing from Virgin – the VIB award now sits alongside her other accolades which demonstrate her ability to reach people with her words.

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