George Nartey / Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes and George Nartey are experienced investors in the Property Market. Having started with a Joint Venture in 2000 to buy, add value and trade residential property, they have built a strong investment portfolio delivering a seven-figure annual rental income, 70 per cent of which is ‘guaranteed rent’. Over the last few years Ben and George have started to talk! Via speaking engagements, training courses and consultancy services they now work with other investors.

Ben’s motivation to seek financial freedom via property investment had been stimulated by suffering two redundancies in rapid succession, so leaving Export Management and plunging into property investment gave him opportunity to take control of his own destiny.

Watching Ben’s early successes from the side line proved too much for George who is 2004, turned his back on 20 years in Marketing & Product Management to join in the fun, full-time.

Together Ben and George reviewed their strategy, refocused to become investors for cash flow, rather than traders, and after testing out various sectors of the market, focussed on the Social Housing Sector.

Numerous challenges encountered on the journey have added to their knowledge pool, the latest being the current massive reform taking place in the UK Welfare Sector. So severe are the changes and uncertainty that some investors have understandably left the market.

However, Ben and George have seen it all before and believe serious investors need not panic! Instead, we need to work to fully understand the market and changes, identify the challenges and opportunities and become more professional in order to profit.

Investors should always remember the fundamentals! With UK population growing, insufficient homes available, no substitutes, continuing mortgage funding challenges etc., investors who manage to buy and build rental portfolios will benefit medium to long term from predicted rent and value increases.

Click on the following link for a copy of the slides detailing How to Maximise your income from LHA tenants using Social Housing Agreements

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