Gill Alton

Gill Alton was first introduced to the ‘world of property investing’ by her husband in 1996, as he built a small portfolio of properties during the previous housing crash.   As a couple they added to these a few years later, but didn’t follow the same due diligence and admit they were guilty of making several property investing mistakes.

She gave up a senior corporate career to join her husband in their family business, Alton Mortgages Ltd, to only weeks later have their world fall apart with the Credit Crunch.    This had a massive financial impact on their family but also made them understand just how powerful passive income can be when times are tough. This experienced changed their whole attitude and focus to investing.

Gill spoke in January 2012 and shared her story with us and how she has used that experience to go on to build stronger financial foundations for her family, taking her total family portfolio to 17 houses, with an asset value of over £1.6m and a monthly net income of around £4k.

She lives in Maidenhead, but chooses to invest in Nottingham, and shared her reasons behind this and how she has gone on to launch two property businesses – Alton Property Partners and Venus Property Mentoring, all while juggling family life with two young children.




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